other personal essays -- pre-Hidden Laughter
A smattering of entries from the old journal:

(note: I haven't brought them into the new format yet so if you take a look, you'll have to use your back button to get back here.)


dare to eat a peach
July 21 (Santa Monica farmer's market)

pulled wide open Aug 2 (first non beginner yoga class)

iced perfection Sept 9 (ice cream maker)

surviving infertility Oct 1

autumn snap Oct 7 (I miss New England in October)

raw fish and warm rice Oct 27 (dinner at Sushi Nozawa)

my addiction Oct 31 (first draft)

do us part? Nov 8 (marriage and divorce and fights)

Boys Don't Cry and boys I've known Nov 14 (movie review and memories)

a New York state of mind Nov 24 (first day)

connecting Nov 25 (New York day two)

blessings Dec 4 (Thanksgiving)

public I Dec 6 (attack of self-consciousness)

again we meet Dec 10 (how we got involved, part 1)

first kiss Dec 12 (how we got involved, part 2)

leaves of gold Dec 14 (how we got involved, part 3)

fare thee well Dec 29 (birthday)


drive me crazy Jan 2 (license renewal)

script lessons Jan 18 (what I learned from Salt & Pepper)

life lessons Jan 20 (what I really learned from Salt & Pepper)

needles and tea Jan 28 (acupuncture)

a comforting sound Feb 21 (On Display round robin; my mother's piano)

cuts like a knife March 3 (painful memories)

giving April 5 (petitions and canvassing)

then and now June 30 (On Display June topic: passion)

bang bang July 24 (letting kids watch violent movies)

mysteries unearthed July 29 (thoughts after reading a bunch of mysteries)

hand in hand Aug 22 (meant to be, people divorcing)

secret time Oct 29 (midnight, for On Display)

my bestest friend Nov 13 (Elizabeth)

the art of folding Nov 18 (fun with laundry)

tarnished by envy Nov 29 (not thankful, for On Display)


fame June 24 2001 (celebrity-watching)

water and earth July 8 (grounded)

left wanting Aug 28 (letting go of the future perfect)

traffic stop Dec 5 (chance encounter)


midlife calling Jan 10 (turning forty)

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